Project Type - Print & Magazine Layout Design
Programs Used - Adobe InDesign & Adobe Photoshop
Art Direction - Prof. Dermot MacCormack for GAID Typography​​​​​​​
MODA is a magazine that showcases vibrant and innovative print design made to catch the attention of and captivate its audience. In its featured article, MODA explores the intersection of accessibility and fashion, highlighting the use of leg prosthetics as a form of wearable art. With its use of vivid colors, unique typefaces, and unconventional layout design, MODA offers a visually stunning and engaging reader experience.
MODA's block-style word mark and dynamic color palette of pink, blue, and yellow create a visually interesting identity that draws readers into learning more about the accessible fashion world. The bold and modern Avenir Next is a perfect complementary typeface for this design aesthetic as it serves both as a deliverable of striking typographic visual language in MODA’s logo as well as easily readable as a body copy for layout and page content.
Accessibility in the Fashion Industry
Historically, the fashion industry has been criticized for its lack of diversity and failure to showcase a wide range of body types and abilities. However, by highlighting prosthetics as wearable art, fashion designers can challenge traditional beauty standards and create a more inclusive and diverse industry. MODA’s vibrant color palette, bold typography, and dynamic imagery are used to showcase a sense of celebration and joy in response to this upcoming step in fashion inclusivity.
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