Project Type - UX/UI Prototyping & HTML/CSS Coding
Programs Used - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Dreamweaver
Art Direction - Prof. Jenny Kowalski for GAID Intermediate Computer Graphics
Syne is a html/css coded website prototyping project that showcases the innovative variable font, Syne, and all the artist applications it was meant to be used for. Syne is a Google font with variable features that was designed as a bold typeface to pair well with gallery spaces and other forms of art. In this website, Syne’s features have been coded to be showcased in multiple different lights, including a variable tester, an animated GIF, and type-in tester, and a multitude of mockups that pair Syne with fine art gallery pieces and spaces.  The use of a muted and limited color palette, singular typeface, interactive layout design keeps Syne and its features at the show-front of this foundry site. 
The typeface Syne is a Google font that was designed and created by graphic designer Lucas Descroix and was created to be a quality responsive typeface that artists could use to showcase their work. With this mission in mind, Syne’s foundry website was designed with an array of display collages and mockups to show the user just how thought out this fellow artist’s design decisions were when making a typeface that would be used often in the fine arts world.
Multiple Screen Laptop Mockup of Syne Webpages
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