Project Type - UX/Ui Prototyping & Animation
Programs Used - Apple Procreate & Figma
Art Direction - Prof. Matthew McGlynn for GAID Sr. Interactive Design
Resources - The Noun Project, The National Parks Service
Verdant: A Nature Adventure Guide, is a hiker’s planning website that focuses on helping its users find the perfect national or state park for their next outdoor adventure while promoting information about each park's environmental conservation efforts as well. This website serves the purpose of narrowing down the perfect trails for its users through a quiz filtration system. Through the utilization of awe-inspiring, grand illustrations and micro-animation of the great outdoors, it aims to encourage visitors to appreciate, engage in, and protect the natural world around us as well. Whether the user is an experienced hiker or just starting out, Verdant was made to be a go-to resource for planning their next unforgettable adventure
The clean and friendly typeface Tondu is paired with bold, nature-inspired colors to create a dynamic and exciting brand identity for a nature trail guide website. Tondu adds a playful  touch to Verdant’s logo and headers, while the bold color palette draws from the natural world and suggests a sense of exploration and discovery. Adding a balance of clean, readability to the brand, Articulat CF is introduced as a more standard typeface for Verdant’s subheaders and body copy.
The name "Verdant"  means lush with foliage and greenery, which captures the essence of natural beauty and the great outdoors for this project. It evokes a sense of vitality, energy, and wonder, which perfectly aligns with the spirit of a nature adventure website.
User Persona of a Mother Named Kathy
Research through User Personas
To ensure that Verdant meets the needs and expectations of its target audience, user persona research was conducted to better understand the different types of hikers and nature enthusiasts who might visit the site. This research involved exploring differing preferences and goals of various potential users, including a mother planning a summer family vacation, an avid mountain climber, and a nature photographer who is looking to learn more about wildlife protection practices. By delving into the unique needs and motivations of each user persona, Verdant’s quiz filtration system became carefully crafted to cater to a multitude of specific needs and interests. Whether it's finding kid-friendly trails and activities, discovering challenging backpacking routes, or learning more about the conservation efforts of national parks, Verdant can be used as an essential planning tool for a diverse range of outdoor visitors.​​​​​​​
To encourage our user's even further exploration into the great outdoors, Verdant utilizes an icon-based rewards system was created to encourage users to take their love for the great outdoors to the next level. Every time a user engages in an outdoor activity, be it hiking, camping, or even birdwatching, they'll earn virtual badges that will be prominently displayed on their profile. This system was made to incentivize users to push their limits and take on new challenges, all while enjoying the wonders of the natural world.
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